Photography Tips: A Day at the LA Zoo



Peter and I have lived in LA for over 10 years, and I have never gone to the LA zoo. So I got a bee in my bonnet to go, well actually I bought a new lens and wanted to play. We went over Memorial Day weekend, which was crazy and fun all at the same time.

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Love by the numbers

Numbered Heart2

How do you get customers to love you?

Good news—bad news. First the good news is they have already told you. Now the bad news, it is a lot of hard work to understand what they are saying.

Don’t blow past this

I have seen sales increase 20% and more by, without ego, and without preconceived notions of what customers SHOULD like, diving into the data to see what they actually like.

When I was the art director for the L.L. Bean Travel catalog, I noticed that every time the rolling luggage was shown with someone pulling it, sales went up 3% to 11%. Customers wanted to see someone rolling the luggage. It was a simple fix. It wasn’t a simple thing to figure out. I looked at all the presentations the luggage had appeared in and then checked the response to see which pulled better (pun intended). Then I looked…

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Creative Rebirth: A Spiritual Transformation

C.R. Lamothe - Writer

We have to reinvent ourselves.

We fall apart; we’re disarmed and vulnerable. We’ve been broken, wrecked, and ruined before.

But we get up.

We transform. Like the phoenix who etches his wings before being consumed by his own flames. This mythical bird becomes ashes and is reborn from them. So it is with us. But we don’t immediately identify that we are in fact transforming.

We’re stuck. Unable to realize that everything we’ve been through is the catalyst to creating the life we’ve always imagined.


Because we are too focused on the pain, and there’s no blame in this. We have the scars to prove our lost childhoods and loved ones, the heartache experienced time and time again. We’ve been let down, failed; we’ve let our fears take over. Been consumed by our glorious flames.

But then something happens. We revive ourselves. We, in fact, have all of the…

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