Ad Spotlight: Tattoos Can Be Inspiration Too

Ampersands and Erasers

I mentioned before that this summer my goal as a Copywriter is to find my signature style. Well I’m realizing finding a style means being a human blender. It means taking in as much as humanly possible then presenting a conglomerate of inspiration with no chunks of course. Today’s ad spotlight shows inspiration, influence, and style-seeking at work.

This ad is from Publicis Singapore, the client, Samaritans of Singapore (S.O.S.)


I particularly chose this ad not because I know where they got the inspiration from but because I know where it could have originated from. I happen to have one tattoo on my wrist, which says Selah. My tattoo is an ambigram. If you’re not familiar, ambigrams are illusions that look like one phrase but are actually two phrases. Just like this ad, my tattoo can be read from both ends of my arm. I was going for more functionality than duality…

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