Challenger TV Commercial

Conor's Work


What’s the best way to sell high tech digital services? Go old school analog.

That’s what I decided to do when Challenger asked me to develop a TV commercial to sell their automatic warranty service for all computer purchases.

And, because we were dealing directly with Mr. Loo, the CEO and a true-blue entrepreneur who didn’t mind taking calculated risks,  the approval process was instantaneous and the whole project took less than 2 weeks to execute from concept to final delivery.

The production of this commercial was enormous fun: shooting on 35mm film stock, desaturating and adding noise and scratches during colour grading, jump cut editing and getting the composer to play his piano really badly. The budget was so low I had to pull in favours everywhere and even direct the thing myself.

But it was the talent who really made this commercial work. A Chinese Charlie Chaplin. Who…

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